Premium Braided Battle Rope

Premium Braided Battle Rope
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Premium Braided Battle Rope




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Product Details

  • BATTLE ROPE that can be used with or without an anchor 
  • SPACE SAVER Can be used in as little as 8 feet of space
  • QUALITY 100% double braid polyester; black with pacific blue tracers
  • THICK 1 ½” diameter with rubber grip handles
  • VERSATILE and allows for a variety of exercise movements

Our Premium Braided Battle Rope is a battle rope alternative that offers all the benefits of traditional battle rope workouts, but in 8 ft or less space. With this battle rope, you do not need a battle rope anchor. This gives you greater freedom of movement, allowing you to do a variety of different exercises. Get the high intensity cardio, strength building and fat burning benefits of this training tool without the limits of long ropes.

Level up your fitness ropes workout anytime, anywhere. Experience the benefits of a 50 ft. battle rope workout in only 8-10 ft of space, making it the ideal gym rope or addition to your home exercise equipment. The 20 ft long battle rope weighs approximately 17 lbs and the 30 ft long rope weighs approximately 25 lbs. 

In addition to traditional battle rope wave exercises, the unanchored Premium Braided Battle Rope allows for a huge variety of exercises that burn fat, build muscle, and develop core strength.

The premium quality, braided 100% polyester construction is easy on floors, quiet and clean. It does not shed fibers like Manila ropes for working out and has hand-finished rubber handles to improve grip.



Physical Properties


Physical Percentage: 70%


Physical Percentage: 20%


Physical Percentage: 80%

Degradation Resistance

Abrasion Resistance

Resistance Percentage: 80%

Rot Resistance

Resistance Percentage: 90%

Sunlight / UV Resistance

Resistance Percentage: 90%

Petroleum Resistance

Resistance Percentage: 90%

Mold / Mildew Resistance

Resistance Percentage: 90%

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