Manila Gym Climbing Rope

Manila Gym Climbing Rope
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Manila Gym Climbing Rope




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Product Details

  • 1-1/2 inch diameter Manila rope
  • Excellent weight and feel for a great climbing
  • Firm lay construction gives good grip and durability
  • Spliced eye on one end and rubber handle on other end
  • Handcrafted

Natural Manila is a great climbing rope for gyms because it offers high strength, low stretch, and rugged grip. Since Manila rope is a three-strand twisted rope, a loop can be easily spliced onto the end of the rope so it can be attached to a mount on the ceiling, without reducing the breaking strength of the rope. A standard 6 inch eye splice should be adequate for most installations. We can splice the loop for you along with your order. We can also hot shrink a rubber handle on the end of your rope to reduce fraying and increase the life of your rope. The most popular diameter for a manila climbing rope is 1 ½ inches and the most popular length is between 15 – 24 feet. 





Physical Properties


Physical Percentage: 30%


Physical Percentage: 10%


Physical Percentage: 40%

Degradation Resistance

Abrasion Resistance

Resistance Percentage: 40%

Rot Resistance

Resistance Percentage: 20%

Sunlight / UV Resistance

Resistance Percentage: 70%

Petroleum Resistance

Resistance Percentage: 80%

Mold / Mildew Resistance

Resistance Percentage: 20%

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