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What is Promanila Rope?

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Author: Phil Scaggs, Right Rope Founder4th Dec 2023

One of our favorite ropes at RightRope is promanila rope. Promanila rope is referred to in different ways. You may hear it called unmanila or poly manila, but these terms all relate to the same rope. This is a beautiful rope that is durable, versatile, and strong.

What is Promanila?

Promanila, or unmanila is a synthetic version of natural fiber manila rope. It is made from a danline polypropylene fiber which is much smoother and longer-lasting than natural fiber manila. Manila rope has a brown color while promanila is a lighter shade of tan. Manila rope is nearly twice as heavy as promanila, however, the tensile strength of promanila is about 50% higher. While natural fiber rope absorbs water, promanila can float on water.

What are the Advantages of Using Promanila?

Using synthetic fiber unmanila rope has many advantages. Right off the bat you will notice that the texture of unmanila is smoother and more uniform than the texture of natural fiber manila. When you handle promanila, unlike manila, you will not get splinters.

One of the biggest advantages to using synthetic promanila is that, unlike natural fiber rope, promanila does not rot, mildew, or shrink when it gets wet, and it stays nicer-looking for longer. Especially if you live in an area that receives a lot of rainfall, or has a high humidity, promanila will be the better choice. Natural fiber manila rope expands in diameter when wet, but unmanila does not. If you are planning to use your rope to go through drilled holes, you can more accurately determine how wide to make your holes when using unmanila.

Natural fiber manila is treated with a mineral oil during production, so it has a slight odor that does fade over time. However, promanila does not have an odor. If you intend to use your rope indoors, we recommend promanila rope over manila.

Overall, promanila is a strong and beautiful rope that can last up to three times longer than natural fiber manila. It can be used for many applications, and it will consistently look and feel (and smell!) the same way. Unmanila has the classic nautical feel of natural fiber rope without its disadvantages.  

What is Promanila Rope Used for?

Unmanila rope is used mostly for decorative purposes. It is common to find unmanila on decks and docks as railings or as a handrail on stairs. You can also find promanila along beach-front walkways and in other outdoor landscaping projects.

Promanila is also commonly used when making swings. It is strong and long-lasting while less expensive than nylon or 100% polyester ropes.  

What Size Rope Should I Use for My Project?

Using promanila for decorative railings on decks and docks is the most common application, and it’s important to make sure you get the right size rope for your project. When planning and building your railing project, be sure to choose a rope that is sized proportionally to your posts. You want to make sure your rope is sized perfectly for the look you want to achieve.

If you are using 4 inch posts, we typically recommend you choose 1 ¼ diameter or 1 ½ diameter rope. If you are using 6 inch posts, we recommend 1 ½ diameter or 2 inch diameter. And if your posts are larger than 6 inches, we recommend our largest size, 2 ½ inch diameter rope.


To learn more, be sure to check out our video about building a rope railing. You’ll hear more tips and also see a time lapse of putting a project together.

We love seeing how Right Rope’s customers are using our rope. Feel free to send us pictures of your projects!

The Right Rope at the Right Price

RightRope’s unmanila rope is a fantastic choice. You get the best bang for your buck with this rope.

We are committed to getting you exactly what you need. When you shop RightRope, you can be sure you’ll be getting the right rope at the right price.

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