Bed Swing Hanging Kit

Bed Swing Hanging Kit
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Bed Swing Hanging Kit




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DIY Bed Swing for Porch | Hung with Rope

In this video Phil provides guidance on how to build your very...

DIY Bed Swing for Porch | Hung with Rope Play Video: DIY Bed Swing for Porch | Hung with Rope

DIY Bed Swing for Porch | Hung with Rope

Product Details

  • 1 kit includes: 1 bracket, 1 S-hook, and 2 screws
  • All parts made from heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Combined length of hanging bracket and S-hook is 7 ¼ inches
  • S-hook: 5 ¼ in. long, 3 ½ in. wide, 12 mm thick
  • Fits rope up to 2 inches in diameter
  • Safe working-load-limit, 500 lbs
  • Eye bolt swings back and forth

This bed swing hanging kit, which includes a stainless steel S-hook and swing bracket, was custom-designed for Right Rope to complete your DIY bed swing with our 2 inch rope. The minimalist, modern design combines strength and beauty to give you the best hardware for swings and large decorative ropes.

We’ve searched the market, and there is nothing else like this out there, so we had to design it ourselves! Your porch swing bed or bed swing will look beautiful, move with ease, and be very secure with these heavy duty brackets and S hooks.



Rope Strength

Diameter Weight (Lbs / 100 Ft) Breaking Strength Safe Working Load Limit (SWLL)
S-Hook fits rope up to 2 in. diameter - - 500
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