Safetylite II 1/2" Climbing Rope

Safetylite II 1/2" Climbing Rope
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Safetylite II 1/2" Climbing Rope


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Product Details

  • Stationary Rope System/Single Rope Technique (SRS/SRT) Climbing
  • Moving Rope System/Doubled Rope Technique (MRS/DbRT) Climbing
  • Excellent Snag Resistance
  • Exceptional Abrasion Resistance

AllGear’s Safetylite 2 climbing line is great for Stationary Rope System (SRS) climbing and Moving Rope Technique (MRS) Climbing. These ropes offer high visibility and snag and abrasion resistant. They keep their round shape under the most stressful circumstances, run smoothly through mechanical devices and can be spliced.

  • Diameter: 1/2″
  • Material: Polyester over Polyester
  • Exterior: 24-Strand Polyester
  • Interior: 12-Strand Polyester
  • Average Tensile Strength: 7,800 lbs
  • Weight at 150′: 11.3 lbs
  • Working Load Limit: 650 – 1560
Climbing Technique

Stationary Rope System, also called Single Rope Technique refers to ascending and descending while the rope stays stationary in the system. For this approach, more gear is required but the ascent will be faster. 

Moving Rope System, also called Doubled Rope Technique, refers to a rope system that moves while a climber is also in motion. This approach is generally preferred by beginners because it is safer.  In general, for climbing taller trees with a height of 300 feet or more, SRS is more common. Where, MRS is more fitting for climbing trees up to 100 feet. 

There are pros and cons to both systems, and depending on the nature of the work, and the age and height of the tree, climbers should determine the best technique.



Rope Strength

Diameter Weight (Lbs / 100 Ft) Breaking Strength Safe Working Load Limit (SWLL)
1/2 in. (12.7 mm) 7.53 7800 650 - 1560

Physical Properties


Physical Percentage: 70%


Physical Percentage: 20%


Physical Percentage: 80%

Degradation Resistance

Abrasion Resistance

Resistance Percentage: 80%

Rot Resistance

Resistance Percentage: 90%

Sunlight / UV Resistance

Resistance Percentage: 90%

Petroleum Resistance

Resistance Percentage: 90%

Mold / Mildew Resistance

Resistance Percentage: 90%

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